What is an essay?

In the context of academics, an essay is a paper written to show a particular aspect on a topic. It has a main idea, arguments that support the main idea and a conclusion. The topic should not be broad. Choose one aspect of the topic and write about it. The essay should not have assumptions but should rely on facts.

5 Steps to Writing a Short Essay

  1. Do your research- If it is an essay due in a short time, you can get the information you need on the internet. Choose a topic that you are interested in so that you are comfortable talking about it. Your research should be done in authentic sources such as books by reputable authors in the specific field, academic writings, thesis, and information from trustworthy websites.
  2. Write the essay outline – This gives structure to your essay and allows you to jot down the main ideas you want to focus on. The points you will talk about will be determined by how long the paper should be. The outline should have an introduction, body (highlight the arguments that will be in the body and their evidence) and a conclusion.
  3. Write the first Draft- The focus at this stage is not the words you will use. It is basically pouring out your ideas on paper, as they come to you. At the end of the draft, you can add or delete some things.
  4. Read through to see whether your ideas are sensible- Make sure your ideas are flowing and that they are understandable. All paragraphs should represent one argument, and they should strike a balance so that the paper is well-structured.
  5. Final Edit – Proofread your paper and ask someone else to read it as well so that you can see how sensible the flow is. Check for grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, inconsistencies, and punctuation.

Guidelines on Writing an Essay that You Should Follow

  • Research on how  to write different types of essays and their specific requirements
  • Cite experts’ views on a particular topic clearly, and mention them properly.
  • Avoid using Wikipedia as theprimary source for your paper. Some of the writers on that site may not necessarily be experts in the field they have written on.
  • Get to know the requirements of different styles of writings such as APA style, by visiting their websites.
  • Have a proportional essay. The introduction and conclusions should be between five to ten percent of the total word count, while the body gets eighty to ninety percent.

By following all our instructions and guidelines given in this article, you will be able to write your own essay.

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